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We’ve served Southeast Alabama since 2008
Your Trusted Full-Service Equine Clinic

Ambulatory Vet Services in SOUTHEAST ALABAMA

We’ll Come to You

With our equine ambulatory service, we can bring our highly-skilled staff and veterinarians to your farm, ranch or other property. When you call us to come examine your horse, we’ll bring our state-of-the-art technology with us so we can properly diagnose any issues and thoroughly look over each aspect of your sport horse’s health. Just like with our office visits, we are dedicated to expert care, patience and compassion to make each exam comfortable for both you and your horse.

Reducing Your Horse’s Stress

Some horses become fearful or easily stressed when they are brought to a clinic for annual examinations or other treatment. One of the major benefits of ambulatory care is that hesitant horses are able to remain in an environment they are familiar with. In its own home, your horse is more likely to feel calm and secure, allowing us to better and more completely evaluate it.
Being able to stay in their environment can especially benefit very young, sick and old horses. Since we come to you, you won’t have to worry about trying to load your horse into a trailer and transporting it to our clinic, keeping both you and your horse from feeling the stress of travel.

After-Hours Service

If your equine friend suddenly becomes ill, or if an accident occurs and it needs emergency care, our ambulatory service can save you from the difficulty of transporting your horse to our clinic, which could potentially cause your animal more pain.
When your horse needs emergency care, you can rely on our ambulatory service to bring our experts to your property as soon as possible to give your sport horse the treatment it needs. Our ambulatory service is available after hours, so we can give your horse medical attention in the evenings, on weekends and on holidays. You won’t have to anxiously wait for the care your horse requires with our ambulatory services.

Our Care Services

Our ambulatory services include preventative care such as annual physical examinations and vaccinations and emergency treatment if your horse becomes sick. Each time we go to your farm, we’ll bring useful technology and our knowledge to give your horse the best medical care.

Call Us Today

If you have a horse who would benefit from an ambulatory examination, please call us today. We will gladly arrange a time to go to your farm. If your horse has suffered an injury or fallen ill and needs emergency care, contact us and we will get your equine friend the care it needs.