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The Latest Technology to Detect Lameness

If your horse isn’t performing up to your expectations or you notice that its gait is not as smooth as normal, it may be showing signs of lameness. When you bring your sport horse to Alabama Performance Horse Services, Inc., we’ll use the latest technology — the lameness locator — to pinpoint even the most subtle, difficult-to-detect lameness so we can help your horse recover and return to peak performance.

How the Lameness Locator Works

The lameness locator uses three sensors attached to the horse’s pelvis, right fore pastern and head to collect data about your horse’s gait as it is trotting. A portable computer then prints out a report based on what the sensors detect. This report can show which leg is the lame one and help pinpoint the primary source of lameness if more than one leg is lame.

Diagnosing the Issue and Developing a Treatment Plan

With the lameness locator, we are able to confirm lameness our trained veterinarian sees and detect more obscure lameness as well, allowing us to diagnose your horses’ specific issue and create a treatment plan to address primary and compensatory lameness. The thorough information we receive from the lameness locator allows us to give your horse the most appropriate care for its lameness so it can return to excellent health and performance.

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If you have noticed your horse’s gait is abnormal or your horse has difficulty walking, bring it into our clinic today. We can diagnose any lameness issue with our lameness exam and help your horse return to its normal, happy self. Call us today to schedule an examination.