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Maintaining Your Sport Horse’s Health

Every horse owner wants their horse to be fit and well-nourished, so it can perform at its highest level and have a full, long life. The key to maintaining your performance horses’ health is feeding it a nutritious, well-balanced diet. At Alabama Performance Horse Services, Inc., our trained veterinarians know what sport horses need to thrive and will help determine the appropriate diet for your unique horse.

The Right Diet for the Best Performance

All horses need a wholesome diet of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals to grow and have the energy for everyday activities. Performance horses, though, require more energy than the average horse to stay in prime physical shape and to perform well in training and in competitions.
Because it needs more calories, your competitive horse may need a specialized nutrition plan to ensure it is receiving all of the nutrients it needs. Our experienced staff can work with your horse’s unique needs to create a diet that will facilitate proper performance, whether it is a workhorse, dressage horse or running horse.

Prevent and Manage Disease

Not only can a proper nutritional plan help fuel your equine companion’s athletic performance, it can also help treat and prevent diet-related diseases. Whether your horse is suffering from digestive problems or has a food allergy, our knowledgeable staff can create a wholesome diet to manage your sport horse’s disease and help it return to full health. 

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Our qualified staff and veterinarians know how important proper nutrition is to your horse’s well-being, and we are familiar with the brands, products and dietary plans to create a personalized diet for your equine friend. Call us today to speak to us about our nutrition plans and to schedule an examination for your horse.