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Salt Spa

Give Your Horse a Spa Day

Going to a spa gives you a day to relax, release built-up tension and revitalize yourself, and a cold salt hydrotherapy spa can do the same for your horse. At Alabama Performance Horse Services, Inc., we have the only ECB Equine salt spa in Alabama, allowing us to serve you better and give your performances horse the rest and rejuvenation it needs.

Prevent Painful Injuries

By reducing everyday stresses and strains, our state-of-the-art salt spa helps to prevent injuries resulting from repeated, built-up small strains. The spa uses cold salt water at 35 degrees Fahrenheit to increase circulation in the lower legs, helping to increase mobility to further help reduce the likelihood of your companion suffering from debilitating leg and tissue injuries.

Relax After Competitive Events and Training

After running a race, competing in jumping, dressage or another event, your horse may experience swelling in its limbs. This inflammation can occur before and after training as well. With salt spa treatments, however, you can help lessen swelling and treat your performance horse’s tired legs before and after exercise from training and events.

Accelerate the Healing Process

Salt spa treatments do not only prevent injury, they also facilitate and quicken the healing process after an injury. Before an injury can heal completely, the swelling around it must be reduced. Because the cold salt water decreases inflammation and swelling, your equine’s body is able to begin repairing itself, jumpstarting the healing process.
With the salt spa, we are able to treat injured tendons, ligaments, shins, hooves, open wounds, cuts and bruises and diseases like dermatitis and laminitis. Our salt spa treatments can also help treat arthritis and lameness.

Schedule Your Horse’s Treatment

Begin preventing future injuries and give your horse some special treatment with drug-free salt spa therapy. Salt spa therapy is a multitreatment process, and each treatment lasts only 20 minutes, allowing you to fit them into your busy schedule. Give your horse the care it needs and call us today to schedule an appointment.