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We’ve served Southeast Alabama since 2008
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Equine Vaccinations in SOUTHEAST ALABAMA Area

Protect Your Horse

One of the essential parts of preventative care for your performance horse is vaccinations. It would be devastating to find out your friend and teammate is suffering from a debilitating illness that could have been prevented with a vaccine.
That’s why we provide the vaccines your horse needs to live a long, full and healthy life. We offer vaccinations for a variety of diseases, including rabies, tetanus, encephalomyelitis and more to protect your horse from crippling and sometimes life-threatening diseases.

Tailored to Your Horse’s Needs

We understand that every horse is unique — they may travel to different parts of the country or world for competitive events, or they may interact with different animals and environments in their work. Every horse requires the basic core vaccines, like tetanus and rabies, to stay healthy and vibrant, but they may require other risk-based vaccines based on their individual lifestyle.
That’s why we customize your horse’s vaccinations to fit its specific needs. Whether your horse is traveling to a mosquito-dense area or staying home to work, we’ll make sure it has the vaccinations it needs to remain strong.

Experience You Can Trust

Our expert veterinarians and trained staff have years of experience treating horses in the Auburn and Montgomery, Alabama, areas. We keep up on the latest discoveries for vaccine medicine to ensure we always provide the best, most current vaccines to your sport horses. You can count on us to help you take care of your equine companions. 

Call Us Today

If it is time for your horse’s boosters or you have a new foal who needs its first vaccinations, give us a call today to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions about our vaccination services, we will also gladly answer them and discuss how we can help your performance horse live a long, happy life.